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Shakespeare Troupe
Shakespeare Troupe


Shakespeare Troupe‘s school show program is dedicated to bringing high-quality adaptations of Shakespeare productions and interactive workshops virtually to schools everywhere!

Romeo and Juliet

Our one hour cut of Romeo and Juliet draws the students into the world of Verona, Italy, by highlighting how similar the emotions and experiences of the characters are to those of modern teenagers. Your class watches as two teenagers experience their first love. The students learn how rash behavior never ends well, and they experience, through the drama, the devastating consequences of hatred.
After the show, students are guided through a workshop introducing them to the actor's tool kit, an analysis of the play and the choices that each actor makes in creating their character. In Livestreaming the event to your classroom, ShakesTroupe offers students the opportunity to engage virtually with the Troupers.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Our one hour cut of Dream enchants students of all ages by inviting them into a new world dipped in magic and fun. They will be absorbed in the play's themes of mischief, love, wonder, heartbreak, and the actor's nightmare in one of the funniest plays within a play that’s ever been written! As with all ShakesTroupe school performances, after the virtual show is over, we engage your students in a virtual workshop that can be inspiring, educational, informative and energizing.

After Play Workshop

After Play Workshop

Play Analysis and Discussion

Onscreen, downloadable study guide, moderated by ST Teaching Artist, 1 hour

How the story relates and resonates with us today; Issues the characters faced; Understanding the language and verse used in Shakespeare; An actor's life, then and now.

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Shakespeare Troupe
Shakespeare Troupe