Touring School Shows



Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida‘s touring school show program is dedicated to bringing high quality full Shakespeare Productions and interactive workshops to Schools everywhere! We currently offer two full productions and 3 different interactive workshop options per production.


Romeo and Juliet

Our one hour cut of Romeo and Juliet draws the students into the world of Verona, Italy by highlighting how similar the emotions and experiences of the characters are to those of modern teenagers. They watch two teenagers experience their first love. They learn how rash behavior never ends well. They experience the devasting consequences of hatred. Then, after the show, they have a chance to ask the cast and crew any questions they might have. After that, we get them up and on their feel in one of our incredible workshops!


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Our one hour cut of Dream enchants students of all ages by inviting them into a new world dipped in magic and fun! They watch mischief, love, wonder, heartbreak, and one of the funniest plays within a play that’s ever been written! After the show is over students can ask our cast and crew any questions they may have. Then we get them up, on their feet, and having a blast in one of our specialized workshops!

Workshop Options

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