Train to Speak the Speeches

Book an online workshop or buy a recorded video on the topic of your choice and build a performance of your favorite Shakespeare. Workshops are 55 minutes in length and cover every facet from an introduction to the plays to audition pieces with coaching feedback.
Consult the Events Calendar for upcoming workshops, or inquire at

What the Actors Say

"The workshops are a road map to the playing of Shakespeare."
-- Karen Stephens, Carbonell-Award winning actor


Q. What goes on in a virtual workshop?

A. You begin with a vocal warmup, which includes breathing and sounding exercises focussing on vowel sounds and articulation. Then, you will learn how to break down specific text for clues on how to play a scene or soliloquy. Once you find out what Shakespeare intended, you add your talent to breathe life into the character.

Q. How do I participate?

A. Contact Shakespeare Troupe Founder Peter Galman to discuss your level of commitment. The email is You can also consult the ST Events section to get involved.

Q. What does it cost?

A. $150 gets you the key to the online room and 15 weekly sessions. You'll be able to review each workshop on a recorded video. The workshops are not a guarantee for getting cast in an ST event, however.

Q. How do I book a virtual production and workshop use for my school or class?

Simply email and we’ll send you all the information you need. For more information on the digital content of the virtual shows being offered, please visit the “School Show” section of this website.

As seen in outline on the video, you have an opportunity to learn how Master Shakespeare wanted his words said by signing up for a 15-week, once-a-week series of 55-minute, intensive workshops on the topics listed here. It’s an online study program like no other. You’ll interact through live-streaming with Shakespeare Troupe Founder Peter Wayne Galman and get a comprehensive overview on how to play Shakespeare. Miss a class and you’ll get a recorded video of it, plus a chance to go 1:1 with Mr. Galman in several freestyle sessions during the 15 weeks.